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Thursday, September 30, 2010

San Diego Rescue Mission Thank You for 55 Years

I am really loving the events I have been photographing as a volunteer and the wonderful people I am meeting. There was an intimate dinner at Delicias celebrating 55 years of great service by the SD Rescue Mission. The guests were such wonderful people who have supported the Mission above and beyond the call of duty.
The meal was fantastic...one of the best I have had in a long time. The jazz by the Gregory Michaels Band really set the tone. Thanks, Mark for asking me to be a part of this evening.
Here is a gallery of the event.

Click Here to View Event Photos

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Challenge Center Auction and Comedy Night

Challenge Center Comedy Night Photos (Click Here)
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Had a great time photographing the guests at the auction and comedy show for the Challenge Center. Norm MacDonald and Kevin Farley were so funny I am still laughing at some of the bits. I was able to meet them at the VIP reception and they were both very friendly, funny and charming. Thanks Robyn and Tiffany for asking me to participate.

Here is some info about the Challenge Center. What an amazing organization!!!!
Challenge Center offers a wide array of services focused on improving health, function and quality of life for those living with severe physical disability. 
Services Include
  • Adapted Fitness Training
  • Aquatics Fitness (warm water)
  • Circuit Training (Equipment)
  • Health and Human Services
  • Physical Therapy Evaluations
  • Physical Therapy Treatments
  • Computerized Functional Electrical
  • Body Weight Supported Treadmill