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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Favorite Poem about Children

Hi there,
I have been pondering what I might blog about besides my family and children's portraits, something extra that I might share to benefit the readers of my blog. One thing I seem to know a lot about because I have been around them, babysat them, mentored them, photographed them and generally been "Aunt Luci" all of my life is kids. When I lecture to photographers on children's photography, half of my program is about the needs of children, the developmental stages and how to see every child as the miracle that he or she is.

Sooooo....my intention is to post some of the things I have learned in addition to sharing my photography and such. The poem I am sharing today is one that I know to be true. A great chef used the freshest and most beautiful ingredients to create a fabulous meal. Raising a spectacular, happy, bright and kind human is the same... it takes the best ingredients also. It isn't really rocket science and no one...no one...can do it perfectly. But keeping the big picture in mind can go along way.

Dorothy Law Nolte

If children live with CRITICISM
They learn to CONDEMN
If children live with HOSTILITY
They learn to FIGHT
If children live with RIDICULE
They learn to BE SHY
If children live with SHAME
They learn to FEEL GUILTY
If children live with TOLERANCE

They learn to BE PATIENT
If children live with ENCOURAGEMENT
If children live with PRAISE
They learn to APPRECIATE
If children live with FAIRNESS
They learn JUSTICE
If children live with SECURITY
They learn to HAVE FAITH
If children live with APPROVAL
If children live with ACCEPTANCE and FRIENDSHIP

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jessica's Cinderella session

by www.lucidumas.com

Jessica is the oldest of 6 in a very special family. I was blessed to photograph her first communion and have been so thrilled to do the same for each of her sibling's as well as family portraits of the entire gang over the last umpteen (I think it is a word, look it up) years. So photographing her senior portrait was so exciting for me!

She is very much a girly girl and when I mentioned the idea of wildflowers, her mom and I thought that a Cinderella theme would fit her to a tee. Imagine my joy when I visited the location we selected months ago with the hope of some wildflowers to see at least 5o trees in full bloom. I could not wait for the session the next day.

Jess was a dream to photograph, the "woodland" creatures…bunnies and birds and squirrels…were in abundance with is not always the case in San Diego. At one point, the scene and this lovely young woman in it were so beautiful, I almost cried.

Oh I love my job! Thank you Jessica and Barbara. Hugs

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My goal with my blog is to share and educate.

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