Portraits that will Touch your Heart, add Beauty to your home and become a Lifetime Treasure

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


imagine you and I designing a customized portrait 
that will be perfect in your home and tell the story of your life at this moment in time…

and imagine your family having a great time during the session, laughing, holding each other, walking together, and seeing your children through my eyes as I record the preciousness of the relationships I see using my camera and artist's eye…

then imagine viewing these special images 
projected onto a screen and seeing my view 
of what is true and beautiful about you or your family,
and feeling so touched that a tear rolls down your face…

…now imagine your eye falling on these images as beautifully framed art displayed in your home 
(maybe over your sofa or mantle) and how 
your heart smiles each time you look at them…

…finally, imagine 30 years from now. Your family is gathered for a holiday meal and someone looks at the portrait then at your grandchild and says "wow, she looks so much like your daughter at this age" 
and you are so grateful to have taken the time 
and invested in this family treasure.

This is my goal, my passion and my dream for every family I work with, to offer this once in a lifetime experience, create art for your home and record a moment in time that will never return.

Thank you for imagining with me and for finding out how I can provide this experience for you,

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